Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová makes a state visit to the Czech Republic

The new president of Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, has respected the tradition and the steps of her first state visit took her to the Czech Republic on Thursday. For the first time in the history of Slovakia, a woman became President of the Republic. Lawyer Zuzana Čaputová, 45, acceded to the country’s highest office on Saturday, and this Thursday she made her first state visit to Prague. Speaking to Czech Television, before embarking on her trip to the Czech capital, the president stressed that she would maintain the tradition, because Slovaks and Czechs are very close towns. “I will keep the tradition of the first trip to the Czech Republic. It is natural, it is at the same time symbolic, it is the country closest to us, and I would very much like to take this first step and confirm this tradition and continuity. I believe that many of the personal relationships that our peoples have with each other are the cause of a completely honest attitude and that now we are closer ”. In Prague, the president was received with the highest honors.

The main host was Czech President Miloš Zeman, but the President herself held talks with the heads of the two Houses of Parliament and senior officials of the Czech government. In the interview for Czech Television, Čaputová stressed that she wanted to deepen the cooperation between Bratislava and Prague, while acknowledging that there are very different points of view between her and the Czech president. “It is no secret that there are different points of view on various things, for example in terms of foreign policy.

I consider it natural and legitimate. I guess we will discuss this. But I will try to find issues that can further advance the cooperation of our countries. During the campaign for the Slovak presidential elections, President Zeman had expressed his support for the rival of the current president. After that stage, Čaputová is convinced that relations between Slovaks and Czechs will continue to strengthen. “Of course, I am very interested in how the president perceives what is currently happening in the Czech Republic, and I suppose he will be interested in what is happening in Slovakia.

” Zuzana Čaputová is the first woman president of Slovakia and the fifth person to hold the highest office in the country that together with the Czech Republic had formed Czechoslovakia until 1993, when Prague and Bratislava decided to divide into two independent states. President Čaputová has a five-year term and is Head of State. At the head of the government is Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, who replaced Robert Fico, whose government fell as a result of a national crisis following the murder of an investigative journalist and his girlfriend. Slovakia will hold general elections in the spring of next year, and former President Andrej Kiska, who ended his term on Saturday and handed Čaputová the presidential sash, announced the creation of a party to participate in the upcoming general elections.

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