Mosel – Wine Region

Surely you have ever heard of the majestic river Moselle (Mosel in German), the one that crosses France, Luxembourg and Germany between beautiful green mountains and small villages that still preserve incredible buildings from the Middle Ages. The Moselle is one of the most important rivers in Germany, since thanks to it those of us who live here can enjoy a variety of wines recognized for their high quality. If you like wine and nature, the Moselle Valley is the ideal place for you. Do you dare to visit it? Here I show you some places that you should not miss on your trip through the area: Cochem Bathed by the Moselle River and surrounded by vineyards is the historic town of Cochem.

The most striking thing about this place are its impressive buildings that have been there for centuries. One of the places where you can best enjoy them is in the historic center, since there is the town hall, from the 18th century, the caretaker’s house, from the 14th century and the local houses with wooden frames typical of this area from Germany. Another landmark building in the city is the Klosterberg, a 17th-century Capuchin monastery built on top of a hill and today used as a cultural center. Bremm Walking through a vineyard with a slope of 60 degrees can be a very interesting option if you like hiking. At the end of the climb is the Gipfelkreuz where, apart from having a cross, there is a viewpoint from which you can enjoy a unique view of the Moselle valley. To climb this path, I recommend wearing suitable shoes and clothing, as it is quite dangerous and, above all, very steep. Briedel This small town is the ideal place to enjoy a few days of tranquility.

It is not the most touristy of all the villages in the valley, and yet it is one of the most special. If you fancy tasting wine from the area’s vintners while riding a carriage through the steep vineyards, Briedel is for you. The experience is worth it, not only because you can enjoy a good wine, but because you can learn more about its production, taste the grapes before they are picked, and enjoy incredible views from the Aussichtsturm Prinzenkopf. The wine With a vineyard area of ​​8,800 hectares, the Moselle Valley is the fifth largest wine-growing region in Germany. Wine has been grown in this area since Roman times. Today 60% of the grapes grown in this area are Riesling, followed by the old Elbling grape variety (a specialty of the region) and the Burgunder and Müller-Thurgau varieties. 90% of the wines produced are white. If you are into wine, you should know that on the Moselle you will find about 3,600 wine farms. Some 2,000 viticulture farms bottle their own wines and then put them up for sale. Most of these farms offer wine tastings to tourists who dare to visit the area. Bike lane The Mosel Valley is a spectacular place where vineyards are cultivated in steep areas while the Mosel River bathes the cities and towns.

To enjoy your experience in Mosel more, I recommend that you do it by bike. The entire valley is prepared for this with kilometers of bike lanes and, in addition, in all the towns you can find charming guest houses and campsites where you can rest at night. We decided to sleep in Briedel, in the Korkenzieher apart-hotel, whose owners were a very young and charming couple who not only managed the “hotel” and the restaurant there, but also organized visits to the vineyards in a carriage pulled by a tractor. . Your turn Have you ever been to the Moselle Valley? Do you know any other place that you want to recommend in this area? Did you travel by bike or car? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment at the end of this post or through social networks.

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