Catrina’s identity in “Who is the mask?”

Catrina was eliminated from “Who is the mask?”, Only Yuri and Carlos Rivera could decipher who was hiding under that disguise This week, in the program Who is the mask ?, one of the characters was forced to lose so that everyone could know who was under the disguise. Yuri and Carlos Rivera (for the second weekend in a row) were the investigators who managed to guess the identity of Catrina, the one eliminated from the night, who turned out to be the actress and singer Rocío Banquells.

Catrina was the first to risk losing the mask, she sang “Basta Ya”, a song by Jenny Rivera, losing the contest to Zorro, Minotauro and Camaleón. The second nominee to reveal her identity was Monster being the least voted, against Marciano, Gato, Lechuza and Zebra. The favorite character of the public was the celebrity who represents the owl, thanks to his interpretation of “Volverte a Amar” by Alejandra Guzmán, with 61% of the votes keeping the mask for another week, emerging as one of the favorite participants of the Show.

Monstruo was saved from the night thanks to Adrián Uribe’s vote, thus forcing Catrina to reveal her true identity. Catrina lost the mask, Yuri said that she was Rocío Banquells. Consuelo Duval opted for María del Sol, Adrián Uribe mentioned that she could be Dulce and Carlos Rivera seconded Yuri in her decision. The celebrity behind this iconic character in Mexican folklore turned out to be Rocío Banquells. “I am very happy and very happy, you know that I love you Carlos Rivera, this is wonderful, I was afraid of the catrinas, but now I fell in love with them,” said the actress. In the contest, the Owl, Zebra, Cat, Martian, Minotaur, Chameleon, Fox and Rabbit continue, who will face each other the following week.

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